Bespoke 2:1/Small Group Sessions

Bespoke 2:1 Sessions

Working together to transform your Feel Good Fitness journey


Bespoke 2:1 sessions are a fantastic way of getting fitness and exercise into your weekly routine. You will encourage and motivate each other and probably work a little harder (there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition). You’ll keep each other accountable and stay on track to achieve the results you want.


Plus, by coming together, it will be friendlier on your purse than attending personal training sessions separately.


What do I get with 2:1 sessions?


  • Consultation call. A free 10 minute call with no obligation to discuss your goals, check session availability to suit your timetable and find out if we’re a good fit to work together on your fitness transformation.


  • Success Session. Your first in-depth session to discuss your lifestyle and goals. Understanding where you’re currently at in your fitness journey and where you want to be is crucial to creating bespoke goals and training programs that you’ll stick to, enjoy and get results! This can be done via telephone, zoom or in-person to suit you.


  • Full assessment session. Developing the work we have done in the Success Session, you will undertake a full physical assessment based with your goals in mind. It includes body measurements and fitness tests to help keep track of your transformation journey. These will be reviewed at regular intervals. You will also have a movement screen, alignment and breathing assessment to thoroughly understand the connection in your body.


  • First personal training session. Time to get moving!! Sessions can take place at my studio in Halifax, online or at a location that suits you (travel fees may apply). Sessions last 1 hour but can be amended to 30 or 45 minutes if preferred.


Fitness investment for 2:1 sessions explore below



Book your free consultation call now to discuss your fitness goals

Small Group Personal Training in Halifax

Bespoke 2:1 – Flexible 1o Membership

Fitness Investment: £250 per person

Small Group Personal Training in Halifax

Bespoke 2:1 – Monthly Membership

Fitness Investment: £100 per person per month


"Who are we? We are Philip and Marilyn. Two middle–aged people who up to 8 months ago thought a good time was sitting on the sofa after a day at work munching our way through crisps and chocolate – and the occasional walk to keep fit! One evening we realised we couldn’t go on like this. We had tried and failed many times. What we needed was someone to keep us motivated. We actually admitted to ourselves we were fat and unfit!

This was the big step that led to bigger – and faster steps. Sharon, our personal trainer was awesome! She guided us through the change in lifestyle and challenged us with exercise to keep us motivated; helping us recognise that what we ate determines how our bodies utilise that fuel. Each week she pushed us that bit further and kept our enthusiasm on the boil. The exercising started with a workout supported by exercising on our own during the week.

But as the months went by, our weight dropped off, our fitness improved and we found ourselves running. Yes, actually enjoying it too!! Our lifestyle changes affected our eating habits too. Sharon gave us helpful tips on eating and we cut out processed foods.

So, where are we now? Well, having lost a total of 8stone 4 between us we feel comfortable in our new lifestyle and we are looking forward to participating in the Jane Tomlinson 10k races this coming year." - Philip and Marilyn


  1. 1.   Once you've made the decision to embark on a Personal Training journey - you're half way there! We'll book in an initial chat (10 mins) to see if I can accommodate your goals, check to see if we're the right fit for once another and discuss session availability.
  2. 2.   Complete my health questionnaire.
  3. 3.   Book a Success Session for a discussion on your goals and lifestyle. This can be done over the phone, video call or in person.
  4. 4.   We'll get going. Simply purchase your block of sessions below and book your sessions in!

NB: No payments are to be made until we complete Step 1.  To get started, just book your sessions below.


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My Buggy 4 Fitness group classes offer the perfect way to work around childcare without compromising your exercise regimes. Bring your children along, meet new local ladies and workout together in a safe environment. Classes are available 5 days a week at various locations through Halifax and West Yorkshire.

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