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No matter how long ago you became a mum, it can sometimes feel like it’s a struggle to hold onto a part of your identity that’s just for you. The Active Mums programme is something very close to my heart, and that’s why I’m always keen to encourage mums of all ages – no matter how old their children are – to get involved. Fitness for mums doesn’t have to end when your child starts attending school, though it seems that this is where the journey ends for many.

Whether you’ve been a member of Fit 4 Bump or Post Baby Kickstart or not, all ladies who want to increase their fitness, get active, and join a community of likeminded mums as they seek to find something for themselves are welcome.


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Membership to Active Mums gives you access to a private Facebook group, where you can meet and socialise with other mums, and where you can chat with myself and other guest contributors about any related health and wellness issues you may have experienced since having become a mum. As well as being immensely helpful to our members, the information we gain in this group feeds directly into the material and resources we create just for you. 

In the membership, you’ll have access to an ever-growing catalogue of on-demand online video workouts, relaxation sessions, downloadable recipes and nutrition advice, group chats, plus the opportunity to jump straight on to any of our live workout videos. These real-time events really boost morale and hold you accountable to your workout goals. When you’re juggling a family, a career, a household and any sense of a social life, keeping up with keeping fit can be tough going. Join our membership and achieve your fitness goals with enjoyment and ease.

All the workouts can be done at your own pace and intensity, and you don’t need any special equipment to sign up, as we focus mainly on cardio, strength and conditioning, stretch and release movements, and bodyweight exercises. If there’s some equipment you already have and are keen to use in your workouts, let us know in the group and we’ll design something around it! Add to all of this, sessions on yoga, relaxation, and nutrition, and you’ve got the full house (which you probably already have in other ways, too!) 

As well as helping you feel like your old self, all of our exercises are going to help you recover physically after having gone through one of the biggest changes your body – and your lifestyle - could possibly experience. Let’s take care of you, so you can take care of your family.


If you fancy your fitness more in the flesh, you can sign up to one-to-one personal training, group PT (if there’s a group of you who would like to exercise together), or even our popular Buggy 4 Fitness sessions. Just remember to BYOB (Bring your own Buggy!)

Also, ask us about any of the group classes we run in person – we have everything from HIIT to BoxFit, and we also run a hugely popular ‘Restore Your Core’ programme. 

Active Mums

During the tough times we find ourselves in right now, keeping fit, keeping social and keeping motivated are all hugely important – especially when we have kids, and our first instinct is to put them first and ourselves last. So, when it comes to doing something for YOU, there’s no better place to start than with your health, wellness and fitness. If you take good care of yourself, you’re taking good care of your family, too.

Win win. Sign up today.






"I would highly recommend Sharon to help with your fitness requirements, however big or small. You never do the same class twice! My fitness levels and confidence have returned after 3 pregnancies with Sharons help. I take my 3 boys to classes and still get a great workout and they love it. All the classes are welcoming and friendly." - Kim

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