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Mind Works – Mental Health Mental Health is to do with our minds, the way we think and feel: Coping with stress Liking Yourself Feeling negative things as well as positive Stress is something we all have in our lives in which we have to learn how to cope with it without reaching for ‘your thing’ be it cigarettes, chocolate or shouting at someone. Effects Of Stress There are many effects of stress some of which include: poor sleep, restlessness,…

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Why Aren’t Sit Ups Safe After Birth?

Why Aren’t Sit Ups Safe After Birth? The Fitness Industry, like many other industries, is an ever-changing one.  It’s full of trends. Exercises come in and out of fashion, research is done to prove exercises safe or unsafe, and as Fitness Professionals, we listen and make changes to our program content accordingly. Sit-ups, or any variation of this movement where you go into forward flexion eg when lying on your back, you bring your torso towards your knees to work…

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