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Getting Into Shape After Child Birth

Getting Into Shape After Child Birth In the early days following childbirth there is a mixture of emotions from tiredness, excitement and joy, plus anxieties of your new role. Many of the changes that occurred during pregnancy take time to revert back to normal following childbirth, so remembering not to put too much pressure on yourself allowing time to get used to your new role of caring for your newborn is important.  It’s not recommended the you return to exercise…

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The Body Zone with Sharon Porter

The Bone Zone

The Bone Zone  The calcium deficiency experienced by older people, which leads to a loss of bone density, is known as osteoporosis. This condition is most common in post menopausal women, and is the cause of thousands of skeletal problems each year. Sometimes fractures can be caused by nothing more violent than a sneeze. Osteoporosis is not a natural part of the ageing processing, but it is often an inevitable product of a sedentary lifestyle. There are a number of…

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Client Story: Vicky Walker

Client Story: Vicky Walker My name is Vicky Walker and I am a Technical Service Desk Analyst for Experian in Bradford. This is my story.. 18 months ago after giving birth to my 1stdaughter I weighed 11 stone 6lbs, I had trained through my pregnancy with Sharon Porter Fitness which helped me feel more energetic in the pregnancy -the sessions were really good and felt manageable. I stopped about 2 weeks before giving birth and then re-started 6 weeks after…

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