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Fitness For Mums

Become a Fit Mum with my range of postnatal recovery and exercise classes.

Online Fitness Coaching

Can’t find the time? Lets get digital with an online personalised exercise and nutrition plan.

Personal Training

Individually, in a small group or keep the whole family fit with a tailored programme.

Keeping You and Your Family Healthy
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Buggy 4 Fitness

Buggy 4 Fitness provides a fun environment in which you and your child can exercise in the great outdoors.

Small Group PT

Work together to transform yourselves with my small group personal training sessions.

Small Group Personal Training in Halifax

Buggy 4 Fitness BoxFit

BoxFit provides the perfect class for mums looking to increase their strength whilst burning fat.

Boxfit Buggy 4 Fitness Calderdale

One-to-One PT

Offering sessions seven days a week until 9pm, this is the way to make getting fit easier and at a pace that’s right for you.

One-to-One PT in Halifax and West Yorkshire

Family Fitness

Instil good exercise habits in your children and workout together!

Buggy 4 Fitness HIIT

The perfect solution for mums looking to get into shape, Buggy 4 Fitness HIIT classes push you to your limits.

Buggy 4 Fitness Calderdale HIIT
What My Clients Say

I’ve really enjoyed Buggy4Fitness at The Stray in Hipperholme. It’s been a lovely, social way to get back into fitness after pregnancy with a friendly group of other mums. My son loves being in the park and even when he needs my attention Sharon is very good at bringing you back into the routines if you’ve had to take a couple of minutes out. There’s a good variety of exercises each week and balance of cardio and stretches, and you can go at your own pace too. I’d definitely recommend Buggy4Fitness.

Buggy 4 Fitness Testimonial


Buggy 4 Fitness Client

Sharon is absolutely lovely, super approachable and friendly and makes you really look forward to attending any class! I love the flexibility of how you can block bulk pay as you go sessions so you’re not necessarily tied into a strict routine, which can sometimes be difficult with a young baby, e.g, if you’ve not had a good night or something else just crops up! The sessions are great, brilliant variety of exercises at each session which always keeps it interesting and fun & additional bonus is that all the other Mums are really lovely too! Couldn’t recommend enough, most favourite baby class I have attended to date!

Classes with Sharon Porter Fitness


Buggy 4 Fitness Client
I began training with Sharon about 10 weeks post partum. Her professionalism, knowledge and skill Set produces excellent training with extra care and consideration for those having given birth.
Every session is different and never gets boring, each tailored to the level of the client. Her classes yield great results, I never expected to get into shape so quickly after having my daughter.
Sharon is worth every second and every penny there is no doubt.
Buggy 4 Fitness Testimonial


Buggy 4 Fitness Client
About Me
Sharon Porter
Sharon Porter Fitness

Sharon Porter

Personal Trainer and Buggy 4 Fitness Founder

I have such a desire to pass the fun and fulfilment I get when exercising that it was the real reason I became a Personal Trainer.  Read more…

Diastasis with Sharon Porter Fitness

Getting Into Shape After Child Birth

Getting Into Shape After Child Birth In the early days following childbirth there is a mixture of emotions from tiredness, excitement and joy, plus anxieties of your new role. Many of the changes that occurred during pregnancy take time to revert back to normal following childbirth, so remembering not to put too much pressure on yourself allowing time to get used to your new role of caring for your newborn is important.  It’s not recommended the you return to exercise…

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The Body Zone with Sharon Porter

The Bone Zone

The Bone Zone  The calcium deficiency experienced by older people, which leads to a loss of bone density, is known as osteoporosis. This condition is most common in post menopausal women, and is the cause of thousands of skeletal problems each year. Sometimes fractures can be caused by nothing more violent than a sneeze. Osteoporosis is not a natural part of the ageing processing, but it is often an inevitable product of a sedentary lifestyle. There are a number of…

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Client Story: Vicky Walker

Client Story: Vicky Walker My name is Vicky Walker and I am a Technical Service Desk Analyst for Experian in Bradford. This is my story.. 18 months ago after giving birth to my 1stdaughter I weighed 11 stone 6lbs, I had trained through my pregnancy with Sharon Porter Fitness which helped me feel more energetic in the pregnancy -the sessions were really good and felt manageable. I stopped about 2 weeks before giving birth and then re-started 6 weeks after…

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Client Story: Victoria Hayward

Client Story: Victoria Hayward My name is Victoria Hayward, I’m 31 and I work as a Marketing Manager in Bradford. I can lose and gain weight quite easily but I’ve always had problems with maintaining a consistent weight – I spent most of my 20s gaining and losing the same 20lbs over and over and over. When I turned 30, I decided that I wasn’t going to spend my 30s doing the same – it was exhausting and depressing. I…

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Eating For Health

Eating For Health

Eating For Health Eating for health is making sure you are eating a nutritionally sound diet. Here I talk about the 3 macro nutrient carbohydrate, protein and fat. Each macro nutrient is explained below. Adding a few simple changes to your current diet and accepting that this is for long term gains and not just a few weeks. Carbohydrates Used as the body’s main fuel source… Carbs are low in fat, high in fibre and help sustain energy levels throughout…

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